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AngularJS is an open source JavaScript structural framework for creating dynamic web applications. AngularJS aims to solve the problems that HTML has had with non-static documents. Why AngularJS? It's fast and intuitive; it's comprehensive and provides high quality. Angular has a lot of momentum as a choice of technology for big corporations right now. It aims to minimize the complexity involved in building large-scale and complex apps by offering a state-of-the-art environment for development, as well as a means to test the apps. The percentage of websites using AngularJS is steadily growing; moreover, it is the first among its competitors that are used by high traffic websites. AngularJS provides us with many great features which are used in day-to-day programming. Thousands of developers rely on AngularJS daily, and thousands more are beginning to use it every day. AngularJS has added new dimensions for developing and working with documents and apps, equipping developers with a lot of versatility.

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AngularJS course syllabus

About MindScripts

MindScripts is a pioneer in training in AngularJS and has trained several candidates who are now placed in good companies across Pune and Mumbai.

AngularJS Career Prospective

AngularJS is fast, dynamic, comprehensive and provides high quality to web apps. Therefore it has become very popular with plenty of big, mid level as well as small organizations; and hence there is a great demand for individuals with AngularJS skills.

Course material

Students are issued high quality course material which will guide them during their training with us as well as be the best AngularJS guide for them while they are working with this framework. Besides the course material, students will get frequent tests and interview questions to prepare and assist them further while working with AngularJS.

Infrastructure at MindScripts

MindScripts has top class infrastructure with complete air-conditioned interiors and individual PCs for every student. The students get complete hands-on practice as part of their course and are free to use the air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled labs during their free time.

About the Course

Considering the ongoing demand of creating dynamic web sites that are easy to implement, MindScripts comes with this highly organized and structured next generation framework - AngularJS. AngularJS is a framework for enhancing HTML; it brings concepts from various programming languages, both JavaScript and server-side languages and makes HTML a dynamic language too. This means we get a fully data-driven approach to developing applications without needing to refresh Models and take care of browser bug fixes and other inconsistencies. At Mindscripts we equip the candidate with all data binding techniques of AngularJS and enable them to create their own Single Page Applications. Here at MindScripts, our students are trained under the guidance of extremely competent AngularJS experts from the Industry.