C/C++ Traning Institute in Pune

C/C++ PROGRAMMING (Syllabus aligned to CLA Certification, CPA Certification)

Knowledge of 'C' – Commonly known as the Father of all Programming Languages acts as a base language for any professional programmer. The practical knowledge of 'C' can be implemented for both software programming and hardware programming.

'C' has the ability to access low level commands using high level syntax , thus making it stronger as compared to other languages Having the basic knowledge of 'C' enriches the student to learn all the other high level languages in quick span of time. Although 'C++' is derived from 'C' ,it has its own unique additional features like support for rich Standard Library and Standard Template Library (STL) giving a rich set of methods manipulating data structures, etc.

About the course

The outcome of providing any programming language training is to mould and train the students to become professional programmer . The course has been designed and aligned considering various Universities and Certification courses as follows :

  • Pune University
  • Mumbai University
  • Amravati University
  • Shivaji University
  • YCMOU University
  • CPA (Certified Associate Programmer, Certification offered by Pearson)
  • CLA (C Programming Language Certified Associate, Certification offered by Pearson)

Click on link below for complete C/C++ Training course syllabus

C/C++ Training course syllabus

About MindScripts

MindScripts Technologies is renowned IT Training Institute in Pune for conducting various IT Courses along with intense programming language C / C++. It prides itself for its High class training, top quality infrastructure and excellent support system. MindScripts also known as a best placement provider help the students to enhance employability in the competitive world.

C/C++ Career Prospective

'C' programming language is recognized worldwide and used in a multiple applications, including advanced scientific systems and operating systems. The Knowledge gained through 'C/C++' Programming enables the student to apply for CLA Certification ( 'C' Programming Language Certified Associate) , CPA (Certified Associate Programmer) offered by Pearson adding value to his career growth.

Course material

Students are issued High quality course material along with faculty notes. They get several books including a book on Programming in 'C' and 'C++' programming. The course material includes everything that a student will need during their 'C/C++' training course and later.


MindScripts has top class infrastructure with complete air-conditioned interiors and individual PC's for every student. The students get complete hands-on practice as part of their course and are free to use the air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled labs during their free time.