Career Options after Graduation

Life does not always take the conventional roads; it is the unconventional paths that we take which distinguish us in the society and make us stand atop everyone else. In the recent times, engineering and medical has become the most conventional career options; every student after their board exams are targeting to get admitted in top institutes for engineering and medical science. The reason behind this is simple; most of the students, as well as the guardians, think that studying in the conventional courses is the only way to get good placement, jobs and a secure life after the graduation.

But let me tell you that this is just a common myth that has developed among the people and there is no truth behind it. Is it necessary for everyone to become an engineer or a doctor? Not necessarily and if everyone follows the same path then after few years the country will be on the brink of facing acute job shortage in these two sectors. Everyone has a particular set of talents; maybe it is still latent and you have not found it yet but it is there and all you need to choose a career which will help you to bring forth those hidden skills and utilise them. What is the need for taking the road in which everyone travels? Rather take the road that is less travelled and become a winner in life.

Here are top 5 unconventional career choices that you can make and take the following courses from the mentioned top institutes which can provide you with dextrous placement jobs after the graduation:

IT Courses: The world as we see and breath in is going through a rapid change. Yes, our world is changing; maybe you have never thought about it but if you think patiently you will understand how much our lives have changed since the world started getting digitalised. Everything from booking railway tickets to transferring money from one bank account to another has gone through a digital makeover and now we can avail each of these services with just a click on our computer screens or smartphones.

IT or Information Technology has been behind all these changes that have been happening. It is the development of the IT sector which brought this global technological revolution which we are cherishing in our everyday lives. Hence, it will be foolish to think that there are no jobs in IT sector. IT sector is booming thus the placement opportunities are higher than ever. From digital marketing jobs to database management to cybersecurity consultant jobs, all of these have become most profitable career options for all the technology lovers out there.

From which institutes can you study these courses? Well here are few top institutes which offer the most stalwart IT courses: Mindscripts: MindScripts is probably the best among all the top institutes for IT courses. Mindscripts uses a plethora of robust learning methodologies and also provides the students with real life experience to understand the IT processes in detail. From having the best infrastructure to most qualified faculties, Mindscripts have become a factory for producing the best candidates in the IT market. This famous institute in Pune is also highly revered by the corporate companies as they look up to it for giving placement to the quality students from Mindscripts for their various IT jobs. Get admitted in Mindscripts after the board exams and get yourself the dream career which you always wanted to have.

C-DAC: C-DAC is also one of the top institutes in Pune for IT courses and training. This famous Pune-based institute provides a gamut of best IT courses and also offers the best faculties to the students. C-DAC is also known among the student community for providing quality placement jobs to their candidates.

SEED INFOTECH: One more IT Training Institute in Pune is SeedInfotech which provides good training in Software and Java among others institutes in Pune.

Fashion designing: Although unconventional but fashion designing has always been a top career option for the creative students. India is a country which is revered in the world for its rich fashion, glamour and culture. Moreover, these days not only the celebrities but many commoners are also looking for the designer dresses for the special occasions. Thus, the need for adroit fashion designers in the Indian market is higher than ever. If you are one of those creative ones then choose the fashion design as your career; study it from the top institutes; get extraordinary jobs and pursue your dream to become a popular designer.

Here are some of the top institutes in Pune for fashion designing which offers good placement and secured career to their students:

  • Infid Kondhwa Pune
  • Times and Trends Academy
  • Nids National Institute of Design Studies
  • Live Wires The Media Institute
  • Dream Zone School of Media Studies
Hotel Management: With the advent of Indian economy and development in the infrastructure of the country, many posh hotels are getting built in different areas across India. These luxurious hotels do not only cater to the needs of Indian populace but also offer best services to the foreign delegates with their quality services and amazing hospitality. Thus, with all these changes going on in the Indian business domain, the hotel management has become one of the most secure career options for the students. From learning nits and grits of the culture in posh hotels to getting the best jobs from the campus placement; you can avail it all by enrolling yourself in the hotel management courses in the top institutes.

Here are some top institutes in Pune from where you can pursue your hotel management studies:
  • Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth
  • UEI Global
  • Manalis Institute of Hotel Management
  • Novels Nibr College of Hotel Management
Merchant Navy: Do you have an adventurer hidden inside you? Do you want to sail along the rising waves of the oceans towards faraway land? If yes, then merchant navy is the best career option for you. From the discipline and style of the sailors to jobs with great salaries, everything about the merchant navy is very appealing. Thus, if you want to see the world and enjoy your work then get admitted in the merchant navy courses in the following top institutes; get placement in the top shipping companies and set your sail in the ocean to reach a destination unknown:
  • Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET)
  • Samudra Institute of Maritime Studies-Mumbai
Performing arts: Most of the people have a creative side; some people are great dancers; some are having great acting skills whereas some people are good at singing or modelling. No matter what you are good at; it is time to pursue it as a full-time career. It is very important to do what you love and if the normal career options do not intrigue you much then it is time to show the world your creativity by pursuing courses from the top institutes in performing arts and to get the best placement after the graduation.

Want to know about the top institutes from where you can pursue the courses in performing arts:
  • The Indian Television of Academy of Performing Arts
  • Cinecraft Academy
There are several unconventional career options which you can choose and study from the top institutes to get good placement jobs after the graduation. The board exams are coming closer and it is the right time to decide whether you will follow the crowded path or will take the lonely road to make a successful career for yourself. Well, the decision has to be yours in the end but all we can do is to help you find the best career choices and the top institutes that offer dextrous courses on those career choices. Making the right choice can be very hard hence this initiative from our end to enlighten you about all those unconventional career choices that you can make to become successful in life.