Hadoop: The nextgen Tech, Where and Why

With the advent of technology, businesses are turning to it to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. In an era based on computers and software, Hadoop has revolutionized the way Big Data, especially unstructured data, is handled. It is an open-source software framework that enables users to store data and run applications on several clusters of commodity hardware. Hadoop's virtually limitless ability to handle tasks and jobs concurrently makes it apt for meeting the upcoming challenges of data management. Needless to say, large firms and companies provide jobs to candidates well versed with the technicalities of Hadoop.

What was so special about Hadoop that it penetrated its claws into the very heart of business and enterprising sector? With ever-increasing data volumes and varieties, especially from social media and Internet of Things (IoT), there was an urgent requirement for a platform that could store and process huge amounts of data, at low costs and seamlessly. Hadoop or Big Data has fulfilled that requirement for free. With a high computing power and greater number of computing nodes, it can process Big Data quickly. Apart from its storing and processing capabilities, it allows scope for scalability. Data and application processing are securely protected against any kind of hardware failure. If one node goes down, the system is automatically redirected to other nodes, without you having to lose your work. What's more? Unlike traditional databases, you don't have to preprocess your data to store it. With Hadoop, you can store the data as you want it and use it as per your requirements, whenever you want. That data includes unstructured data like text, images and videos too.

On AllCareerAdvice, we skim through the top Hadoop institutes in Pune to ensure we bring forth the best classes and services needed to boost your career. With a steady rise in jobs in Hadoop/Big Data, it is imperative to master this niche technology. More than 80% analytics executives do not possess analytics talents. Finding a workforce, which is well trained in analytics comes as a nightmare for employers. Top companies are looking to hire Hadoop experts, who are sorely lacking. To bridge the demand-supply gap, Hadoop training in Pune has taken an upward trend. With a large number of Hadoop classes in Pune, it often becomes difficult to select the best class. After careful research and monitoring of student results, we at AllCareerAdvice have come to the conclusion that MindScripts is definitely the best Hadoop training center in Pune.

A leading IT training provider, MindScripts, provides a wide plethora of training methodologies with real-time learning. Well-experienced faculty ensures delivery of integrated learning solutions and better grasp of the subject. You get to learn from industry experts, who have applied Big Data and Hadoop to solve a variety of business problems in widely diverse domains. While online training and courses, allow you to learn through self-paced progress, there is no doubt as to why in-class training is far more superior. A hands-on training prepares students to take on the challenges of the real world and jobs, confidently. They feel more comfortable working on the tools and techniques once they have handled it in training. Students emerge from the institute, ready to take on jobs in top IT firms and companies. Most of them even get immediate placement in top firms, helping them achieve a career of their dreams. Hadoop is overall one such niche technology which has a lot of scope at present in field of structured and unstructured data processing and data analytics.